About Us


Our Mission

To help you get connected with the right people at the right time. Anywhere. Anytime.

Our story

We are a Melbourne based small startup software firm working towards connecting locals with nearby small businesses and services. It took us 3 years to develop a system which could understand people’s needs and provide the correct Partner to fulfil those needs. From very early product design through to today, we have always prioritised on the customer's requirements and Partner's difficulties in getting successful leads. Our idea and approach will allow everyone to use our technology on their smartphone anytime.

What we do

We use our digital platform to connect people with professionals anywhere, anytime. DASH can be used by every individual ranging from house owners, small businesses such as cafes/restaurants, shops, and clinics, and large businesses such as building and construction, warehouses, event managers, home assist, automotive care, employers, contractors, and a lot more.

Why we do it

We developed DASH to simplify the hassle people go through in order to get things done. We have experienced difficulties in the past to get help while managing a busy schedule. We noticed how small businesses are struggling to get customers on a day to day basis and can not reach all potential leads resulting in losing a valued customers. DASH connects customers with nearby professionals who are available to help right away which fills in the gap for professionals to search for potential customers in a new area. We want small businesses who are on the move to get instant customers and assist them with invoices, automated payment and customer service.