How to become a DASH partner

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Get started by filling out an online application here on the site or use our mobile app. We’ll make sure you fulfill our requirements, then we will email you to notify you that you are ready to go live.

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Get Set Go

Partner - Get Set Go ...

Open up our Partner app and press “GO LIVE”. The app will look out for customer service requests.
The app will send you suitable service requests from our customers with details which you can accept or decline.
Once accepted by you, make your way to the service location and complete the service.


Australian Business Number - We need to verify your Business and do some legal checks. If you need further help with getting ABN, simply go to Australian Business website.
Proof of Identity
We will use your proof of identity to verify your name and photo. We accept driver’s license (preferred local), passport or other relevant identity issued by the Australian government.
Service License
We will need copies of your service licenses and/or other relevant documentation, such as plumbing license, electrical license, or working with children check as required for selected services. For some services, we also accept certificates.
We also need a copy of your Insurance details to ensure you are covered when unforeseen circumstances occur. For some professions, insurance is not mandatory, but we recommend that you are adequately insured - give example of a tutor.

Cool things about our app


In-app support
If you need any help during the request, simply send us a message by pressing the red flag. We will take action as required.
Organised invoices
All your invoices will be saved on our app and you can access them anytime. Simply go to Invoice tab in the app.
In-app messaging
Once you have accepted a request, you can chat with the customer through the app. Nice and easy.
Add additional items
During a service request, if you need to add any items, simply press on "add items" and you can send item cost approval via the app. Once the customer accepts, continue the service.